Saturday, September 10, 2016

Am I Crazy?

   A couple of years ago my wife and I went to see a movie called San AndreasI made the comment to my wife that things could change very quickly. She responded in a way that I wasn't expecting or had really thought about, I mean REALLY thought about. I can't remember exactly what she said, but it got my gears turning and off to the races I went. I learned pretty quickly that preparing can be expensive so I am trying to keep the costs down. I have mechanical, electronic, construction, medical, and outdoors experience so I feel like I can cobble together a lot of things I might need in the future with out having to go out and buy it now. 

 My wife was mostly on board but not shall we say, as enthusiastic as I was. She mainly concentrated on stocking up on food stuffs and over the next few months we had a supply that would keep the 2 of us pretty well fed for a few months. Now we just rotate and replace the stock as we use it in our everyday meals. The biggest problem for us is that we don't really rely on canned items, most of our cooking is of the fresh variety so if something did happen, our meals would definitely change and become more mundane. Her other contribution is her desire for the use of natural plants for healing. I'm the medical bad shit just happened and we need to stop the bleeding guy, she's the I'm sick and need to do something to feel better person. I guess you could say I'm emergency and she's chronic.

  I started getting survival magazines, looking up prepping on the internet and talking to a couple of people that in my opinion were gun happy. I was on a mission and over the next few months was buying backpacks (BOB's), food, rope, knives, fire starting stuff etc. Most of the magazines and information that I found and read were mostly about how to protect what you had or putting you in a mindset that you would have to stock up on all sorts of guns, ammo, knives because killing the unprepared and desperate was going to be in our future. I also saw the hundreds of lists available of essential items you should have during the end of the world. I decided I would need a warehouse if I wanted to follow the advice of all the Expert Preppers and Authorities out there.

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  I already owned a handgun, a couple of 22 rifles, and several shotguns used for hunting. I got caught up in this mindset and bought an AR15. Will I use the AR for hunting? Maybe if we are in survival mode. Will I use it to kill someone? If need be but hopefully I will never be in that situation. Any of the other guns can kill so why did I buy the AR? Now that I have it I don't think I can give a definite answer, but it was unmistakable that nearly everyone agreed you should have some type of semi-auto rifle. Would I really want to shoot someone who was 200 yards away that doesn't even know I'm around? That answer is no, but if they were shooting at me then the answer is yes. I guess all in all it does give me more options than I had, so worthwhile? Probably. Is there a better choice of semi-auto? I'm not getting into that discussion, I'm not the gun expert.

   We currently live in a large city in the desert southwest but own a nice home and property in Oregon. We have neighbors in Oregon that have extensive gardens, small sawmills, etc. Together we could have a pretty self reliant little group. We already help each other out with various things so I think surviving together would be a natural. We all get along and all have different skill sets. Our plan is that if we ever felt the need to get the hell out of dodge we would go to our Oregon property. We realize that this might be easier said than done depending on the situation and that brings me to another question, what do you plan for? You can scour the internet and find people that are preparing for financial collapse, martial law, biological, EMP, alien attack, asteroid strikes etc., you name it and someone is geared towards it.

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 I don't really care what the potential issue is, I just came to the realization that being prepared in general was the wise thing to do. In the future, I'll tell you what my wife and I believe is a more likely scenario of something happening and some of the more specialized things we have done to prepare.

  As I continue this endeavor, I think that it will become an exercise in our continuing journey of preparedness. It may help someone else but I think it will definitely help us. I also hope that others will respond and contribute because we are by no means the "experts" and we will continue to learn. In answer to the question in the title "Am I Crazy?" I don't think I am. Some will say yes, but my attitude is this: If the chance exist's that things become so unstable that we need to rely on ourselves, then being prepared is the smart thing to do. I may never need to use the stuff we bought for such an occasion, but if we do, I'm sure we'll be glad we have it. I plan on going into more detail about the various things we have and things that could happen. Keep in mind that the post that I make are purely my opinion and experiences. As I come across supporting or useful information I will include it in future posts. Again, only my opinion of what's useful or credible. If others respond and disagree that's okay. I don't think any of us really knows for sure what the future holds, but if being prepared or the act of preparing gives you some peace of mind then I say do it.


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