Friday, September 30, 2016

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I'm From The Government And I'm Here To Help

  In 1999 the Strategic National Stockpile got it's start with a budget of 50 Million dollars. Since that time the stockpile has grown to roughly 7 Billion dollars and is stored in what's reported to be 6 different locations around the country. The inventory includes millions of doses of vaccines, antivirals, chemical agent antidotes, medicines for radiation sickness and other medical supplies. In theory this is a good thing, our Government thinking ahead and planning for eventualities that we hope won't happen. In reality I believe that if these stockpiles are ever really needed, it will be a typical response by our Government . . . FUBAR.

  I'm not saying this because I hate our Government, I'm saying this because the way our Government is set up. It can't function in an efficient manner. There are to many layers of bureaucracy, too many chiefs with their own agendas. If the Republicans happen to be in power at the time of some disaster, the Democrats will try and disrupt the deployment of goods and services and Vice a Versa. This is done for political reasons, to make the other party look bad so when the next election rolls around they can use it for political gain. Try and knock out the current party in control. Politicians by and large don't seem to care about the general public's welfare, only about getting dirt on one another so they can stay in power. This is the way Washington works and it's to the detriment of the country and it's citizens.

  On the surface stockpiling medical supplies, equipment, and food is a good thing. In reality I think a lot of it will either get wasted or not able to get to the people who really need it. These warehouse are set up with shipping containers ready to be delivered to major cities. This is good right? It means they have planned ahead and are ready. The problem is that once these containers arrive, your local government and agencies have to take over and distribute it. You have to ask yourself how well your local government is set up and trained. There is also another issue. The reality is that medicines have expiration dates and constantly need to be replenished. Food stuffs have expiration dates as well. Every year, these warehouses are inventoried. Medical equipment is sent out for yearly maintenance. This requires a large budget just for maintenance. The stockpile keeps increasing but the budget to maintain it isn't.

Image result for riots   Can you imagine a disaster where the government is distributing supplies to desperate people? Hordes of thirsty starving people trying to get anything they can to continue to survive will only make a bad situation more dangerous. This is one of the reasons I started prepping. After seeing how Katrina was handled I decided that my family would be better off on our own instead of relying on Government assistance. There are conspiracy theorist that say our Government is trying to buy up all of the survival food and ammo to create a situation where we have to rely on them. They say that this is done in order to keep control over the general population. I don't believe they are trying to create a shortage of anything. One only has to look in local grocery stores and sporting good stores to find survival food and ammo in abundance. You can buy a 1 year supply of Freeze Dried food for a family of 4 at several different sites on the internet. You can even find this on Costco's website. When the Government was starting to buy supplies in the beginning, it created shortages due to the shear volume of goods they required. Things have settled back down now and there don't seem to be shortages of any type of survival goods. 

  In my opinion, the more you can do to become self reliant in the face of disaster the better off you'll be. The safer you will be. Maybe supplies will eventually be distributed in an efficient manner. If that happens, you can go out and get your supplies that are being offered, but until that happens stay safe inside your own home if possible or bug out to an area that is safer than the area you are in if possible. One thing that seems certain is if the Government is in charge there will be problems and not all people will be helped no matter what you're told.

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