Monday, September 26, 2016

Is Martial Law A Possibility?

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  You see it all over the internet. Conspiracy theories about hidden agendas to make America bow to the will of the government through the implementation of Martial Law.  I asked myself what is the reality of Martial Law being implemented? What exactly is Martial Law?

  To answer the second question first, the broad definition of Martial Law is Military government involving the suspension of ordinary law. I can say that we are seeing it today, most recently in Charlotte NC. The riots over the police shooting has brought out the police and National Guard to enforce a curfew and protect people and property. This is the most common use of what would be called Martial Law. It comes for a few days and then life goes back to normal.

  To answer the first question, Martial Law is currently in use in a few countries. Military dictatorships control every facet of life for many people. Oppressors rise to power and hold onto it through force using the countries military power all in the name of protecting people. They confiscate anything that could be considered a weapon. They control groups of people and media. They control food and finance. In our country we have the constitution guaranteeing us rights. This only applies when things are peaceful. If the military took control all of those rights go into the proverbial crapper.

Image result for guns  In my humble opinion, one of the biggest problems anyone would have, our government, our military, or an invading force, is America's love of guns and our belief that we have the right to own them. There are so many guns in private hands that no force, foreign or domestic could ever hope to confiscate them all. This is what presents a huge problem with anyone trying to control private individuals in our country. Force will be met with force.  I believe that there would be underground militias that spontaneously form, adopting guerrilla style tactics of ambush and hit and run. It would be a never ending war that neither side could possibly hope to win.  

  Do I believe there is a possibility of Martial Law in our future? My answer is yes there is. It's already here and being used on an almost monthly if not weekly basis. Society in America is falling apart. People are fed up and it's coming out in the form of protests and riots. If history has taught us anything, it's that all of the great civilizations eventually crumble. Ours is no different. The reason for the great civilizations falling apart has been the failure of their government. Greed, corruption, ineptness. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or what ever, you can see our governments failings on a daily basis. You should prepare for an eventuality that involves a military force trying to control you. Hopefully it won't happen in our lifetime, but I truly believe that some type of collapse of our government is coming. What will you do if that happens?

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