Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Perfect Survivalist Property

  I have to admit that there are times I fantasize about a situation where life as we know it has ended and we are in some kind of post apocalyptic world living day to day and just trying to survive. I conjure up all sorts of images in my head about my day to day activities. Most of the images involve our property in Oregon where my wife and I are living a simple life. We have some chickens, goats, and maybe a couple of cows. We have a nice garden and fruit trees. Our home is fully independent of the grid and we just go on with our daily lives doing daily chores. We have horses so we can roam the area or travel a few miles to trade with someone for some widget we would like to have. We meet regularly with our neighbors and sample someone's homemade wine or beer. We have everything we need to be comfortable and don't have to worry to much about violence or danger from roving bands of nasty people. 

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  In the description above it sounds like I'm describing our country in the 1880's. In reality that may be what life is like in some future time. The differences are is that I don't believe we won't have to worry about the BAD PEOPLE. If we were set up like I described, don't you think that there would be someone who would want to have that life too? They didn't plan. They are desperate and starving and will do anything to have that same life. They see how good you've got it and decide that they want that life as well. The only problem is, they didn't plan and don't know how to create it so they will just take if from YOU!

  This is when I come crashing back to reality. I think life will be hard and dangerous. Just like living in the 1880's in Oregon. You have to be on guard every minute of every day. Sure you may have good neighbors that all help each other out but there will always be someone trying to take it from you. The reality is that some people suck. They are ill prepared for anything. Even now, they live day to day not knowing how to get through life so they lie, cheat, & steal to get what they want. They kill someone over a pair of Air Jordans or cell phone. Do you ever watch western movies or TV shows? You see a lone rider traveling across the land and comes upon one or 2 people sitting around a camp fire. What do they do when they see each other? They are cautious and check out the situation to look for signs of danger, try to read the body language of each other. They instinctively put their hand on their guns. This is how you will need to be as well. You will have a gun with you everywhere you go. Your spouse will have a gun with them everywhere they go. Going outside to grab some eggs? Take your gun. Picking vegetables? Gun. Why? Because people suck. Not all people, Maybe 1%.

Image result for motorcycle gang  Why did I say 1%? I have been riding motorcycles most of my life. In fact in my 50+ years, there is only 9 years where I haven't ridden. In the motorcycle world there are groups like the Hells Angels, Vagos, Devils Disciples Etc. These groups are known as the 1%ers. They all wear patches on their vest that say 1%. They let everyone know that they are Bad Asses. They don't care about laws. They are violent and will kill anyone who doesn't show them respect. They will walk into a bar as a group and take it over. If you decide that you're going to stand up for your rights and say something, you will be lucky to only get the crap beat out of you. 

  In a TEOTWAKI (The end of the world as we know it) situation, I promise you that there will be groups of the 1%. If they find you alone or with just a couple of people with you, you're probably screwed. Unless you have a fortified compound with a large number of people who can hold their own it will most likely be a bad day for you. I don't like the thought of living in a fortified compound. I like the first situation described. In reality the best situation is to live like I described right now. Simplify life and get back to nature now while you're not in a survival situation. It would be a lot more enjoyable. I realize that my perfect situation would be a horrifying thought for some and not everyone can afford to buy or own that kind of property, but if you can, and the thought of living like that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, then do it now.

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