Sunday, September 11, 2016

Things we think about.

   When we first gave prepping some serious thought we were thinking about 2 approaches, stay hunkered down or bug out to our rural property in Oregon. My parents are still alive and on the older side of life with limited mobility. They live a few miles away in a town that has about 500 people in it. It soon became apparent that what ever we decided to do was going to be based on what the particular situation was that we were dealing with. We did decide that #1 on our list was no matter what situation might happen we needed Water and food. 

Image result for water storage tankImage result for hot water heaterSince we currently live in a large desert city that has water supplied by municipal water we decided to get some storage. I got two 35 gallon plastic drums free that had been used to store a high PH solution for water treatment. After rinsing them out several times I filled them up and they are stored in back of the house. I also filled up a 50 gallon plastic trashcan with a lid that could be used for flushing toilets or treat and use for drinking. I also realized that we had another 35 gallons in our water heater if push came to shove. Our bathtub holds another 42 gallons so if we had warning of a coming water shortage we could fill that up and use it as well. To supplement that we keep a couple cases of drinking water and three 5 gallon water jugs filled up. This gives us a total of roughly 160 gallons of water available. If a SHTF happened in the summer we would be able to make it about 2 months with rationing if we could stay indoors. During the winter we could probably stretch that to 3 months. Not long if you think about it but maybe long enough for certain situations. 

  As far as the food, like I said in my last post, we have canned beans, tomato sauce, peanut butter, etc. that we rotate. We also have some freeze dried meals, eggs, milk, flour, active dried yeast that has a long shelf life, dehydrated fruit and misc. other foods along with rice and dried beans. I bought a small windproof camping cook stove that uses butane plus we have a Coleman camping stove that runs on propane along with our BBQ and two 5 gallon propane canisters. I also bought an adapter so we could run our camping stove off of the larger propane tanks. This is all basic stuff that can be done to make your life a little easier if you wound up having to stay locked up in your home for a couple of months waiting for the disaster to pass. This could be waiting out a pandemic, a shorter term power grid failure, temporary martial law or some other what I call short term event ( 2 - 3 ) months. Whether we decide to stay in place or get out is always subject to change based on information we have.

Image result for pandemicIn our mind some kind of pandemic or biological attack is one of our more realistic scenarios that we might have to deal with so staying locked up in our house and avoiding contact with other people from the outside would be the plan. If it sounded like we might be dealing with it for a long time waiting for everything to run it's course we would leave for Oregon where we have more options available for water and food as well as avoiding people in general. I have read articles and seen videos from various "experts" that say within 5 days of any type of SHTF situation, people will be desperate. This will be the people that either didn't prepare or didn't have the financial means to prepare. It doesn't matter, I think we can all agree that during bad situations people are willing to help each other and people are willing to hurt, steal, and destroy. Keeping a low profile indoors seems like a good option for pandemics or biological attacks.

Image result for pointing a gun at someone  Speaking of low profile, when I first got into this it was exciting and new. I didn't care if someone knew that I was thinking of prepping or was prepping. These were people that I worked with who don't really know where I live but after a while, I thought it best to just not really say anything. The last thing I would want to have to deal with was someone I knew that came begging for help and not being able to help them. Strangers would be much easier to turn away or lie to about not having anything and being in the same desperate situation they were in so they would hopefully leave us alone. I really don't want to stand in a doorway pointing a gun at someone telling them they have to leave. First of all this let's them know we have a gun and second of all it tells them we have something we want to protect. Neither of those are good to advertise to my way of thinking. I think there's a lot to be said for being unobtrusive or invisible in plain sight. Camouflage is not only for clothing, using misdirection and giving false impressions can be just as useful as your camo hunting gear. I don't want to be "The Most Interesting Man In The World", I want to be the one people look past. 

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