Sunday, September 25, 2016

What Will You Need to Learn to Survive?

  It's been 3 years since a super virus swept around the world killing 95% of the population. In the 3 years since, 80% of the survivors have died from various things including what once would have been a simple cut that now can't be treated properly, starvation, violence and accidents. The world would be much different for the remaining survivors. The probability that there will be groups of people living together is assured. Humans are like pack animals and most desire to be with their own kind for protection, company and to make life easier in general. There will also be groups that don't contribute, they take. Either because they're too lazy to do things for themselves or because they don't know how to.

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  It will be very difficult to survive on your own or with 2 or 3 others. The less people that contribute, the more work you will have to do, the more knowledge you will need to possess. Some one will need to know how to grow vegetables. In the 1920's almost 30% of the population was farming. Now most farms are large corporately owned and our modern transportation system gets us the food when and where we need it. Someone will need to be a skilled hunter to provide protein for the group. You will need someone who has knowledge of first aid. I'm not talking about putting a band-aid on someone, I'm talking about treating traumatic injuries like broken bones, cuts that need stitched, even minor surgery. Knowledge of mechanical repair and construction is also a skill that will make life more bearable and may even be life saving. 

Image result for survivors  If you have one of these skills you would be valuable to any group but most likely would need a group to survive. If you have all of these skills you might be able to survive on your own or maybe with one other person. Remember, the more people you have the easier life should be. This should hold true if you have migrated to a rural area. If you have decided to form a group in a city I think you'll have a more difficult time. Sure you can find places to grow vegetables but finding animals to hunt or finding a place to catch fish would probably be next to impossible. The only saving grace is this, with less people in the world animals will start coming closer into town so after a few years the hunting should improve.

  In the example that I started out with it would probably take decades for some semblance of modern life to re-emerge. Most of the engineers are dead. Most of the scientist are dead. Most electricians, plumbers, outdoors men, doctors, builders, mechanics dead, dead, and dead. Books will once again be valuable and treasured possessions. We will need to teach children the skills we have in our group. The more knowledge you have in the group the more knowledge you can pass along so humans can once again flourish. It will take years, possibly generations, but humans will survive.

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