Thursday, October 6, 2016

My Survival Vehicle Wish List

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  I've often thought about what might be my perfect TEOTWAWKI vehicle. I have to say that I've come to the conclusion that I would want more than one. The reason is pretty simple. Multiple vehicles can do multiple jobs. One vehicle does a particular job better than another. My main one would be a mid 70's Blazer or Bronco 4 X 4 with winches on front and back. Having one on the Front  and back means convenience as well as having a backup. Remember the rule of thumb when it comes to prepping, Two is one and one is none. As a mechanic I learned early on that anything mechanical, and I mean anything, will eventually fail. No matter how well you take care of it, if it has moving parts, it will break at some point. The reason why I picked a Blazer or Bronco is because it has a hard top that can be removed if necessary to turn it into a short bed truck. Most of the time the top would stay on but having the versatility is a plus. I would keep the engine carb and not go with fuel injection. I know that it's less fuel efficient, but it's easier to fix with less electronics to fail. I would have larger tires for added ground clearance and of course lifted to accommodate the tires but no higher than necessary. 

Image result for dual purpose motorcycles  My second vehicle would be a Dual Purpose motorcycle. A bike that can handle pavement and off road pretty well. This would be able to take me through the woods or forage on longer trips. They can be set up with side bags and larger tanks for long trips. Of course my other vehicle would be some type of 4 wheeler. One that could haul large game back to my permanent location. I'm talking about a 4 wheel drive that can climb hills and cross wet muddy terrain, not ones built for speed or climbing sand dunes.

  Thinking of the types of vehicles you would want starts leading you to think about other things needed to get prepped. For me it's also a little bit of fun. If I had the disposable income right now I would have all three ready. I already have a 4 wheel drive truck that would suit my needs if it came down to it but it's newer. To me the Older ones are just easier to fix when they break. I like simple if possible.

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