Sunday, October 9, 2016

Prepping Your Child

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  One of the worries as preppers and parents is how to prep your child for an unexpected end of the world event. How young do you start indoctrinating them into the world of survival. Children have a natural survival instinct already built in. It's natural when lost that they stay put. When they're cold they huddle up to conserve warmth. Children can be taught to recognize the signs of an emergency situation or leading up to an emergency. We as adults can help prepare them through training and the use of survival tools. Very young children can be taught to use a whistle or signal mirror. As they get a little older we can teach them how to safely use a knife. Taking your kids out camping and playing games like hide and go seek gives them skills on how to be quite in their surroundings and hide from threats.

  I believe that putting your child in some kind of scout program also will give them skills. I learned how to use a compass and follow a map. I learned about direction and hiking safely. I learned how to mark a trail so I could follow it back to my starting point. We learned how to build shelters. Basically what is known as Bushcraft. True, we weren't in a survival situation, but we were building skills that would help us if we ever were in a survival situation. Girl Scouts can also learn and earn badges in outdoor activities the same as in Boy Scouts. Going to scout camps you learn to shoot bows and arrows. A skill that I thoroughly enjoyed. Paddling canoes, fishing, building fires, etc. Scouts can earn badges in any number of things such as film making, growing a garden, computers etc. It all depends on their interest and what the parents steer them towards. The most important thing is that when teaching a child about being outdoors you have to remember their age and be patient with them. It needs to be fun for them, not a chore. 

  You should make sure that your child is mature enough to learn the tools that you give them. You wouldn't give a 4 year old a knife or gun for that matter. They don't have the dexterity or life experience to handle them. You can start teaching them at 4 or younger by letting them watch you handle a knife or gun, but when you do, you need to emphasize the respect you have for such powerful and dangerous tools. You can start teaching them what to do if they get lost. Give them a survival kit that consists of a whistle, emergency blanket, signal mirror, chemical light stick and flashlight. As your child ages and gains confidence teach them judgement. This means that when things are serious the fun and games are gone. They will not only learn to be self sufficient but also a contributing member of the group.

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