Thursday, November 17, 2016

When Was The Last Time . . .?

  As someone who prepares for the bad times or the end of the world, we as preppers put a lot of emphasis on getting the right gear or making sure we're stocked up on provisions. We buy knives, ammo, flashlights, food, etc. Once we have a supply what do we do with it. Store it away for when it's needed. We have bug out bags in our homes, cars, motorcycles and they are filled with what we think is necessary to help us to survive emergencies. 

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  A thought occurred to me that maybe I'm not doing my proper maintenance. I have several flashlights stored around the house and in our vehicles. They all use the 18650 rechargeable batteries and I have been known to use them on occasion for various tasks. I decided to recharge the batteries the other day to make sure they were up to snuff. What I found was scary. Out of the 6 flashlights that we have, 4 of the 6 batteries were needing to be recharged just through normal use. This got me to thinking, what about my knives? Did they need resharpened? In my case the answer was no, but you get the drift. We need to check on our preps periodically to make sure they're ready when we need them. Image result for vehicle maintenanceI've gotten in the habit of keeping our vehicles always fueled when we hit 3/4 tank of gas. Charging batteries should be no different. We use these things that we buy and it's easy to forget how much. 

 Image result for bottled water While I was on the maintenance kick I also decided to check our bottled water supply. Through the summer we grab a bottle from the stock and forget about it. Long story short, 2 cases later we're back up to what I'm comfortable with. I checked out our vehicles and re-supplied some things that had been used, as well as airing up the tires that were low due to temperature changes for the winter. I also took the opportunity to get re-acquainted with our medical supplies and bug out bags. Changed out some clothing that would be more appropriate for the coming winter. 

  The moral of this is don't prep and forget. It's up to us to make sure we're ready for whatever. I believe that twice a year is probably adequate but at least once a year. Do yourself a favor and check your preps now.  

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