Friday, August 11, 2017

Are Preppers Crazy?

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   I have to admit that when I started prepping I didn't know what I was really prepping for. As time went by I went to a prepper show and went to a few seminars. I found myself drawn to the notion that there was a very real possibility that we could be hit by an EMP. I went home, built a Faraday container and started protecting various things that I thought would be useful.

  Later on in my prepping development I started watching the TV show Doomsday preppers. I figured that as I watched what different people were doing to prepare, I could pick up ideas and pointers. After watching several episodes and listening to the individuals, I noticed that most of them were preparing for very specific events, be it Financial collapse, EMP, Alien invasion, Zombie attack or Natural disasters. Most of the time I would think to myself that "these people are crazy, that probably won't happen". Then I thought "wait a minute, what makes these people wrong and me right?" 

  After this thought shift happened I got to thinking, should I prepare for a specific event or just prepare for surviving anything that may happen. No matter what, if you are preparing for a specific event, or just preparing, remember you still are preparing. If you're planning of the Finiancial collapse and we instead have a global Pandemic, is your stockpile of food still good? Is your cash reserves a waste? Are your electronics that you safely stored away for an EMP useless? Is learning how to protect yourself or develop skills needed in a post apocolyptic world a waste of time? The answer to these questions is obviously NO. 

  I see and hear arguments between various factions about why they're right and go on to cite a long list of facts to back up their rationalization. What I'm saying is it doesn't matter what happens or how it happens, only that we prepare for a major upset in the world and if it doesn't happen so be it. I admit that I am not going to extremes to prepare. I don't have 2 years worth of food, water and bullets. I have what I feel is enough to get me and my wife through a few months comfortably until I can determine the direction I need to focus my efforts. As stated previously in other posts, I have a wide variety of skills and am reletively confident in our ability to survive and make the best of whatever comes our way. I just want everyone to know, in my opinion, it doesn't matter what you are preparing for, only that you are preparing.

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